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T180 50/50 Cottonblend

Cottonblend sheets are smooth and soft, yet strong enough to hold up after repeated washings. No ironing is required!

Available in White, Bone, Blue, Rose, Peach and Seafoam (not all colors are available in all sizes)

Pillowcase Size
Case Pack
Standard 42x36 6 dz.
Queen 42x40 6 dz.
King 42x46 6 dz.
Sheet Size
Case Pack
Twin Flat 66x104 2 dz.
Twin Flat 66x108 2 dz.
Twin Flat 66x115 2 dz.
Full Flat 81x104 2 dz.
Full Flat 81x108 2 dz.
Full Flat 81x115 2 dz.
Full Flat 81x120 2 dz.
Full Flat 81x125 2 dz.
Queen Flat 90x110 2 dz.
Queen Flat 90x115 2 dz.
Queen Flat 90x120 2 dz.
Queen Flat 90x125 2 dz.
King Flat 108x110 2 dz.
King Flat 108x115 2 dz.
King Flat 108x120 2 dz.
King Flat 108x125 2 dz.
Twin Fitted 39x75x9 2 dz.
Twin Fitted 39x80x9 2 dz.
Full Fitted 54x75x9 2 dz.
Full Fitted 54x80x9 2 dz.
Full Fitted 54x80x12 2 dz.
Full Fitted 54x80x15 2 dz.
Queen Fitted 60x80x9 2 dz.
Queen Fitted 60x80x12 2 dz.
Queen Fitted 60x80x15 2 dz.
King Fitted 78x80x9 2 dz.
King Fitted 78x80x12 2 dz.
King Fitted 78x80x15 2 dz.