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Whole Solutions by 1888 Mills

Fresh, clean and protected for immediate use - no need to launder first! Made of ring spun cotton loops, Whole Solutions is treated with a proven, safe, anti bacterial finish that will provide your guests with a truly clean and fresh product out of the box!

Available in White only.

Item Description Size Weight per Dozen Case Pack
Wash Cloth 13x13 1.25 lb. 25 dz.
Wash Cloth 13x13 1.75 lb. 25 dz.
Hand Towel 16x27   3.5 lb. 10 dz.
Hand Towel 16x30 5.25 lb.   8 dz.
Bath Towel 24x50 10.5 lb.   5 dz.
Bath Towel 25x54 13.5 lb.   4 dz.
Bath Towel 27x54 15.5 lb.   3 dz.
Bath Towel
27x56 18.0 lb.   2 dz.
Bath Mat 21x30   7.0 lb.   5 dz.
Bath Mat 21x34 10.0 lb.   5 dz.