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Magnificence by 1888 Mills

Pamper your guests with the luxurious softness of Magnificence terry. These towels are plush, absorbent and long lasting, everything that upscale properties demand. Made from Pima cotton loops - your guests will surely love them!

Available in White and Linen.
Item Description Size Weight per Dozen Case Pack
Wash Cloth 13x13   1.8 lb. 24 dz.
Face Cloth 16x16   3.0 lb. 10 dz.
Hand Towel 16x32
  6.0 lb.   8 dz.
Bath Towel 27x54 16.0 lb.   3 dz.
Bath Towel
30x58 20.0 lb.   2 dz.
Bath Sheet 35x70 24.0 lb.   2 dz.
Bath Mat
 21x36 12.0 lb.
  4 dz.